I'm Jess, the creator of Cabin & Cowshed Soap Co, an all natural handmade soap company based in Highworth, Wiltshire. At the start of the very first lockdown, I was lucky enough to move onto a beautiful farm in West Swindon where my home of 6 months was a small wooden cabin in the garden. I've always had an interest in earth friendly bath and self-care products and after being inspired by my new surroundings, decided to order a book on natural soap making on a complete whim. After a lot of research, I eventually took the plunge and embarked on a mission to put my soap-making skills to the test on a single table within the farm's former cowshed. After a lot of trial and error, I was thrilled to create a range of 8 beautiful and all natural soaps that I wanted to share with the world... and so Cabin & Cowshed Soap Co was born. 


The main aim is to provide bath products which not only smell incredible but are also made using the purest of ingredients. I handmade the soap bars entirely from scratch using the ancient cold-process method and have carefully formulated them to include lots of skin loving oils and nourishing butters to truly pamper the skin. Cabin & Cowshed Soap Co products are, and will always be, vegan, sustainable, palm oil and cruelty free.

I truly hope you love them as much as I do!